Come play for me
With your lovely tone

In galaxies
You divine
New religion

We are only birds
Each with a broken wing
Dare I keep dismissing

Coincidence, symptom
Too blind to feel
Telescopic horizon
The starry scopes you heal
We ascend the tower
Family transcending

Kills the dawn
We're to know

It's far too late
For luxury of hate
Represent the unexpected

Go where no man has gone before
Tend faith
Acacia grove
Your holy whore

In coincidence, in symptom
Blind to feel
The telescopic horizon
Starry scopes you heal
Ascend the tower
We are family transcending

I slip around you in a pool of stars
Push against, it comes apart
Grip loosens as another starts
Devil's devouring

You clamber up my ivory skin
Victorious in thinking
That walls fall before your eyes
Angel, heathen

In Coincidence, symptom
Blind to feel
Telescopic horizon
Starry scopes, you heal
Family transcend


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