Back Garden Beautiful

When light collides
Darkness forms
When we divide
All will become clear

Like your reflection
In my eyes
Cloud, crystal, sea-calm and red
The apple of our lives

Up-rooted tree
Bulbs in the dark
This garden cannot foresee
What we swore
Was the beat of our heart
Now it’s fallen apart

Chained, wild dance
To rapturous applause
I feel like a rebel
With no particular cause

Fuelling pain
With burning books
Cheaper than gas
All that I took
The heart I’ve worn
The shirt I tear
From your back
The loosened slack you held

The cold swept indoors
The bitter warmth of Spring
Birds absently bring
Songs of birth

Lest we forget
How to stand earthed
Bound to seed
Or this sapling hearth

Now my love turns, leaves
Blossom laid, snow-mute
Oh would that I had stayed


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